Advanced Hearing Solutions

Advanced Hearing Solutions was founded to help you hear better, plain and simple. It is our goal for you to get an unbiased professional opinion, not to sell you a particular brand of hearing aid or even any hearing aid at all. No sales pitch. No gimmicks, no hidden agendas, no nonsense.

Center for Hearing

Private practice audiology clinic serving patients of all ages. Dispensing advanced technology hearing aids utilizing best practices. Tinnitus evaluations as well as vestibular/balance evaluations including treatment plans.

Alaska Hearing & Tinnitus Center

Alaska Hearing & Tinnitus Center is a full service audiology private practice. We provide care for patient’s of all ages. We provide diagnostic hearing & tinnitus evaluations, treatment/management. We focus on hearing conservation, protection, hearing instruments, Baha, & CIs. Licensed in Telehealth

Audiology Center of Northern Colorado

We provide caring & comprehensive care while providing a one-stop solution. We help newborns to elderly and provide hearing, balance, tinnitus/sound sensitivity, & auditory processing evaluation and management & provide amplification, bone anchored hearing devices, and cochlear implants.

Aspire Hearing and Balance

Our practice offers a full scope of services in audiology from hearing aids to cochlear implants to tinnitus to balance. We have 1 audiologist and 1 audiology assistant. We love working with all hearing aid and implantable device manufacturers. We treat our patients like family!