ListenHEAR is a group of audiologists that specialize in Auditory Processing Disorders. We evaluate, diagnose, and treat APD in children and adults. We are located in SW Florida and licensed to provide testing and auditory therapy for APD in Alaksa, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, & Virginia.

Hearing & Balance Specialists of Kansas City

Hearing & Balance Specialists of KC is a multi-specialty practice specializing in hearing loss, tinnitus & sound sensitivity, dizziness & imbalance, concussion, APD, PT and SLP. We have two locations to serve the greater Kansas City area and follow best practices in each of our respective areas.

Meridian Audiology, LLC

We are a small private practice in a northside suburb of Indianapolis, IN. Our background includes combined 25+ years of Audiological and ENT setting experience prior to going into private practice in July 2021. Our office specializes in adult amplification and rehabilitation.

Complete Hearing and Balance

Complete Hearing and Balance offers expert audiology services, addressing hearing loss and balance issues. Their compassionate team provides personalized solutions, from hearing aids to vestibular rehabilitation, enhancing the quality of life.

Meridian Audiology, LLC

We are a two-Audiologist private practice in a northern suburb of Indianapolis. We pride ourselves on utilizing the most current technology and best-practices to enrich the lives of our patients one device at a time.

Hearing and Balance Specialists of Kansas City

Two-location, audiologist owned, specialty private practice: specializing in tinnitus and sound sensitivity, dizziness and imbalance, concussion, auditory processing disorders, and hearing loss.

Mountain Ears Hearing Clinic, LLC

Dr. Wells, Au.D., has served her home community and made a difference in hearing healthcare all across the Mid-Ohio Valley since 2019. Services include audiologic evaluations for pediatrics and adults, tinnitus evaluations, Cochlear Implants, hearing aid selection and fittings with various options.

Active Hearing Health

We are generous with our time, flexible, and we value our patients’ success! We take the time to listen to their needs and accurately assess their communication function. We take into consideration lifestyle, listening, and budget needs, and perform real ear measures.

Hickory Audiology LLC

Locally owned and operated, Hickory Audiology is here to serve the needs of the greater Bloomington community. Founded by lifelong Hoosier Elizabeth Thompson AuD, we know the value of a dollar and commit to providing you with the solution that is right for you.