Cruise with the AudBosses to the Caribbean for the 2024 Private Practice Summit!

Early registration is now open , and we’ll be announcing all details in the upcoming weeks!

AudBoss: Private Practice Owners is a private Facebook group for 850+ private practice OWNERS (Audiologists and HIS) to inspire, support and learn from one another. We are focused on improving business efficiencies and promoting best practices in the hearing industry.

The annual AudBoss Private Practice Summit is open to anyone interested in learning more about private practice. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran with years of knowledge to share or a newbie dreaming of someday owning your own clinic, we invite you to JOIN US and see what all the buzz is about!

"Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life."

Amit Gosalia, AuD

His leadership in Audiology began when he joined a licensure committee and quickly learned the struggles of our profession.

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In 2019, 150+ AudBosses from around the world gathered to attend the inaugural AudBoss Private Practice Summit in Naples, Florida. In 2020, 250+ AudBosses joined us for our first hybrid event in Denver, Colorado. 2021 brought 350+ AudBosses together at yet another hybrid event on the sandy shores of Miami Beach, Florida.  In 2022, 450+ AudBosses enjoyed a memorable few days in Anaheim, California at the the mouse’s theme park.

JOIN US for the 2024 AudBoss Private Practice Summit on a Royal Caribbean cruise, or register for our virtual event!

A few words from our members...

There is no better place to collaborate than AudBoss.

Cliff Olson, AuD


AudBoss is the best professional development resource in Audiology.

Phallon Doss, AuD

AudBoss motivates me to be better and to do more.

Jason Leyendecker, AuD


AudBoss is a one-stop forum for the authorities on practice ownership. If you can’t get the answer here, the answer doesn’t exist.

Jessica Rhodes Dimmick, AuD

AudBoss is the best thing since trimpots!

David DeKriek, AuD


AudBoss is the best. I attended the 2019, 2020, and 2021 AudBoss conferences and am booked for 2022. I have never left a conference so rejuvenated in my professional career.

Emily McMahan, AuD


The support and guidance I have received from my fellow AudBosses is invaluable!

Kayla Wilkins, AuD


AudBoss is a safe place to network confidentially and receive invaluable support.

Rachel Garcia, HIS


I have been in practice for over 26 years and always wanted a way to connect with other owners. AudBoss is my favorite Facebook group of all time!

Beckie Kaczmarski, AuD




Oct 4th – Oct 8th 2021 / Miami, FL
2021 AudBoss Private Practice Summit
Media | Speakers | Sponsors
Sept 30th – Oct 2nd 2020 / Denver, CO
2020 AudBoss Private Practice Summit
Media | Speakers | Sponsors
Oct 2nd – 4th 2019 / Naples, FL
2019 AudBoss Private Practice Summit
Media | Speakers | Sponsors